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“an increased tolerance for half-baked plans”

Whatever the intentions of policy leaders, this “broken system” narrative has had some serious unintended consequences. And perhaps the most obvious of those has been an increased tolerance for half-baked plans. Generally speaking, the public has a relatively high bar … Continue reading

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Smile! The Revolution “is now”

Just read. And smile. Unified Backlash to Education Mandates Grows, Spreads. EducationOpportunityNetwork.org, 5/14/13. HT: Diane Ravitch

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Seminal Myths of Public School “Reform”

Why education reform may be doomed. Salon, 10/13/12. Some of my teachers were superb, some not so, but with backgrounds like ours, Klein and I would probably have succeeded no matter what shortcomings our schools might have had. The major … Continue reading

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