Day 2311 of daily, much of it severe, pain from AS. It started like most do:

I’m half-awake, half-falling asleep for 2 or so hours, turning or changing position every 15-20 minutes to move off one sharp pain, throbbing, stabbing, shooting, or numbness or another. Then I’m fully awake because

a) my heels are throbbing, or

b) my lower back is so sore my ribs hurt, or

c) my spine is so sore my ribs hurt, or

d) my ribs hurt so much my spine hurts, or most likely,

e) all of the above.

And my spine feels red. And hot. And my stomach is cramping. Some of my finger joints feel swollen and/or stuck in position. A few fingertips are numb or going numb, along with 2 or 3 of my toes.

It’s not that I have trouble getting out of bed—it just hurts and I have to be careful not to make it more painful. Roll to the side. Breathe. Which hurts my ribs. Bring knees up. Breathe gently. Push up with my hands, swing legs off the bed. Breathe gently. Push to my feet and not curse because the soles of my feet feel like I’m walking on rocks. 

Stretching is too painful. I need time to build up to that, to psyche up for it.

It hurts to sit so I do it as long as I can, stand or walk a circle, sit again, stand or walk again, sit again….Every 10-20 minutes, the pain [SI joints, lower back and ass–oh, the ass pain–, spine, ribs] increases enough that I have to move, though sometimes I can do so without cursing, grimacing, or growling. Growling is my new favorite.

That gets me to about 7 a.m. When the fatigue settles back in.

I do yoga. Slowly. Not very well. I meditate. Not very long because of the sitting thing. I take a shower.

By 10 a.m., I’m ready to go back to bed.

And it’s 10 a.m.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis


“inflammatory arthritis” + “pain management” = Tylenol?!?

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  1. Cathe says:

    AS, FYYFF! This fucking sucks so fucking much. You write about it too fucking vividly. Keep it coming, when you can.

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