“You now lie under the foot of a woman.”

St. Margaret [of Antioch] was the patron saint of peasants and women in childbirth, the latter not because she had children but because [sic] she was swallowed by the devil in the form of a dragon, and her purity and resistance were so great that he had to spew her up again whole and unhurt….The governor, Olybrius, saw her, wanted her, and had her brought to him. She refused him and declared her faith. She was imprisoned, flogged, and terribly tortured. In prison she was swallowed by the dragon; and when she triumphed over the dragon, the devil confronted her again, this time in the form of a sympathetic man who told her that she had suffered too much:

But she seized his hair, hurled him to the ground, and placing her foot on his head, exclaimed:

“Tremble, great enemy. You now lie under the foot of a woman.”

Dworkin, Andrea. Intercourse. NY: Free Press, 1987. Print. 93.

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