How to Report Harassment, Violations on Election Day and Get Your Vote on: NOLA Edition


In league with the announcement, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite named Assistant U.S. Attorney Irene Gonzalez [emphasis added] to oversee the Eastern District of Louisiana’s handling of those complaints Nov. 8. González, who has served as the district’s election officer since 2002, will be on duty while the polls are open.

Here are the ways to report problems on Election Day:

U.S. Attorney’s office: To reach Gonzalez, call 504.680.3000 and 504.680.3077.

Louisiana Secretary of State: The Elections Compliance Unit can be reached at 800.722.5305. The unit is responsible for investigating violations of the Louisiana election code.

FBI: The FBI will have agents ready to receive allegations of election fraud and other election abuses. The New Orleans FBI field office can be reached at 504.816.3000.

Civil Rights Division’s Voting Section in Washington: Complaints about possible violations of the federal voting rights laws can be made directly to the Department of Justice in Washington by phone at 800.253-3931 toll free or 202.307.2767, by fax at 202.307.3961 or by TTY 202.305.0082.

Department of Justice online: Report can also be made by email to or by using the complaint forms in the department’s website:

No one has the right to question your ability to vote unless that person is an official poll worker and knows what s/he’s saying. Check your registration online, find your local ballot and polling place, or print out a duplicate voter registration card. And on the 8th, be prepared to wait. This election is too important to blow off because of the length of a line.

from The League of Women Voters:



Voters that are in line to vote at 8:00 pm will be allowed to cast their ballots.

Voters must provide one of the following: A Louisiana driver’s license, a Louisiana identification card or any other generally recognized picture ID. If you do not have a picture ID, then you may present any other identification card plus further information such as a utility bill and a completed Voter Identification Affidavit.

Only one person at a time is allowed in the voting booth. If you are unable to read, an election official may assist you. If you are unable to vote without assistance because of a physical handicap, you must bring a physician’s certificate with you or have one on file.

Disabled voters and their assistant may go to the front of the line at their polling place.

CLICK HERE to learn your polling site for your address.


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One Response to How to Report Harassment, Violations on Election Day and Get Your Vote on: NOLA Edition

  1. geauxteacher says:

    Voting law says: If the voter does not have photo ID (with photo, name and signature) the voter shall complete and sign a “Voter Identification Affidavit Form. The applicant must include their name, address, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name (unless unknown – this information is indicated in the Precinct Register for the Commissioner to verify. It is not given to the prospective voter. (The other identification paperwork you mentioned is irrelevant and not required).

    Once the Voter Identification Affidavit Form is completed by the applicant, the commissioner signs the form to certify that the form was completed in their presence.

    If the applicant is unable to read or write or cannot complete the affidavit due to a disability, they may receive assistance in completing the affidavit and the commissioner shall make a notation on the affidavit that the applicant received assistance in completing the form.

    The commissioner should compare the name, address, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name information on the VIA form to all relevant information in the Precinct Register to determine if there are differences and to confirm identification.

    An applicant who completes a VIA form is subject to challenge BEFORE VOTING by a commissioner, watcher, or voter.

    Once the VIA form is reviewed and compared to the Precinct Register and the commissioner is satisfied that the applicant has identified themselves as the voter in the Precinct a Register and there is no Challenge form filed, the commissioner shall initial the Precinct Register opposite the voter’s signature or mark and then the voter shall be allowed to vote.

    As for assistance in voting:

    A voter is entitled to assistance in voting from any person of their choice, including a commissioner, however there are exceptions as follows:

    No candidate in any election
    No commissioner-in-charge
    No employer or employer’s agent may assist an employee
    No Union agent may assist a union member
    DHH prohibits staff from assisting residents of state-operated facilities for mentally disabled/developmentally disabled persons.

    There is a Braille booklet and/or an audio device for blind voters who wish to use them.

    There are others rules for voters needing assistance. Voters with disabilities must register that they need assistance by filing a statement with the registrar of voters. The precinct register will indicate the voter is entitled to assistance. If the voter has not registered as needing assistance, which will be marked in the register, there are other documents they can present such as doctor’s certification etc. the commissioner must retain any copy of disability documentation and any physician’s letter and place it in the Registrar of Voters envelope. Voters who need assistance should be prepared in advance and know voter laws which are outlined in full on the Secretary of State’s website or by calling.

    Ultimately it is the voter’s responsibility to know voting laws but poll workers should be willing to assist and show the rules to a voter. If a voter is not satisfied or not allowed to vote for any reason, he may ask the commissioner to call the Registrar of Voters and ask the Registrar for direction.

    Everyone who is registered should be allowed to vote in some way. If in doubt, call the Registrar of Voters.

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