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G Bitch appearances, mentions, etc.:

Michael Tisserand. “Don’t Mourn, Link.” The Nation.com. August 31, 2006.

With Clifton Harris and Eban Walters. “Bouncing Back from Katrina.” News and Notes. August 29, 2007. At NPR.org.

Rising Tide III Education Panel with Clifton Harris, Leigh Dingerson, Christian Roselund, and Jeffrey Berman, August 23, 2008: Liveblogging by Maitri. Schedule via Humid City.

G Bitch at Blogger: The blog will stay there as long as Blogger allows. The posts are all on this WP blog but some pictures are different [or just gone] and the fonts have all been regularized [a long saga of corrupted databases, fucked-up machinations, etc.]. For the original color and fury of early G Bitch, go to http://gbitch.blogspot.com/.

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