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Bit(ch) 25: “seek out a pain management doctor to get your pain levels under control”

The article‘s fairly good. The focus is rheumatoid arthritis/RA, but I’m used to that. This stopped me cold: If your rheumatologist won’t prescribe pain medications, seek out a pain management doctor to get your pain levels under control.  And find … Continue reading

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“inflammatory arthritis” + “pain management” = Tylenol?!?

Inflammatory arthritis [IA], an autoimmune condition, includes rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriatic arthritis. Recommendation 2 Paracetamol is recommended for the treatment of persistent pain in patients with IA. Data from 12 short-term randomized controlled trials (RCTs) at high risk of bias … Continue reading

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“increasingly hostile environment for chronic pain patients and the physicians who strive to treat them”

In the summer of 2012, the Finance Committee of the U.S. Senate announced that it was initiating an investigation of the financial connections between certain major pharmaceutical manufacturers of prescription pain medications and experts in pain medicine, organizations that issue … Continue reading

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“I can get up and move around”: Ukraine’s Robin Hood of Pain Relief

This is not new but from June. And Ukraine changed its morphine policy. See more at The Pain Project.

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